Gordon Sparks

A steward of traditional stories, lore and medicines, Gordon Sparks is a Mi’kmaw artist, carver and tattooer whose cultural identity forms the roots of all he creates. Sourcing inspiration through the ongoing quest for knowledge from his community elders and the wisdom of the Mi’kmaw people’s oral history and traditions, it is plain to see these influences of story, ceremony and medicine guiding his spirit and hands through their work.


Raised at Pabineau First Nation and now settled in Rough Waters (NB) Sparks attended the College of Arts and Design Craft School (1998) in New Brunswick and was further mentored by master mask carver Edward Ned Bear. He has spent the last 25 years perfecting his technique and deepening his respect and appreciation for the nature and landscape that surrounds him. Each of his works is imbued with a meaningful story that follows the path from birth, life, death and rebirth of each tree he carves.

Sparks has participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and has taught workshops across Canada.


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