Judy Blake

Walking through the vast landscape of New Brunswick and specifically of her garden, Judy Blake imprints sensory memories, embeds feelings and transports the viewers to a peaceful memory lane melded over the years in her work. Born in Toronto, ON, Blake moved to New Brunswick where she developed her passion for ceramics through her degree at the NB College of Craft and Design where she taught the medium for 15 years.


Her devotion to the medium and techniques explores the mystery between light, texture and sensual beauty; Blake focuses on finding a subtle balance between strength of form and sense of presence, which gives her pieces a unique beauty and intricate surface qualities. She achieves these effects by extensive experiments with unglazed surface treatments using alternative firing techniques such as sawdust-firing, naked raku and saggar-firing.

Blake’s work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions across Canada, the U.S.A and Korea and are included in many private collections nationally and internationally such as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Permanent Collection and the Canada House in London, UK.


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